Class descriptions

“Clare made me feel very comfortable in her classes, she has a lot of patience and excellent teaching skills to suit different peoples learning needs.”

Orlandi Dance and Fitness provides classes in the following genres: Ballet, Modern , Tap ,   Jazz , Street Dance  and Beyond the Barre along with specialist Creative Movement and Music classes for children under the age of five (See Early Years).


Ballet is considered by many to be the core subject of dance. It instills self-discipline in students and allows them to develop incredible strength, stamina, flexibility and artistry. It is equally fun and challenging. (Option of examinations)


Modern is a technical and very expressive dance form. At a young age children learn technique and musicality through stories and use of their imagination. As the grades progress, a higher standard of technique and strength is developed along with a mature and diverse performance style. (Option of examinations)


Tap is a wonderful way to develop musicality and rhythm through intricate footwork. Not only is it fun to make lots of noise, but the patterning skills learnt are believed to help with academic subjects, particularly maths. (Option of examinations)


Jazz dance is a great way to get fit with a very energetic warm up, limbering section, technical steps and a fun routine to finish with. Jazz incorporates many different styles and is performed to modern, upbeat music.

Street Dance

Street dance is a unique dance style, allowing much more freedom with less focus on technique. It builds confidence and encourages students to express themselves through musicality and movement.


Beyond the Barre

This class combines aspects of Pilates Bender Method with functional moves, inspired by Ballet, that develop balance and core stability. Don’t worry-this is not a ballet class- but the skills learnt are transferable to other sports and every aspect of real life!



Class levels range from Pre-Primary (usually age 3+) to Advanced 2.
Adult classes are suitable for all abilities
Class length varies from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the age and level of the class.
Private lessons are also available in any genre for those who wish to benefit from one-to-one tuition.


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6 thoughts on “Class descriptions

    • Hi Pauline, we just have one class now for adults which is like a type of Pilates based on ballet-not a ballet class but uses aspects of ballet to develop core strength, balance and stability. This is on a Monday evening 8pm at Bispham Methodist Church Hall, Crank Rd.

    • Hello, is it the Beyond the Barre class you are enquiring about? If so, yes it is, Monday evenings at Bispham Methodist Church Hall. £4 a class and no need to book in advance 🙂 Best wishes, Clare

  1. Hi, I am interested in dance classes for my son who has just turned 6. He loves music and dancing, but has never had any lessons.

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