Children’s Dance Classes

Our children’s classes are growing week by week. Classes are fun and friendly yet challenging. Children have the opportunity to meet new friends outside of school, learn new skills and untap their potential! We believe that parents are an important part of the school as well and invite all parents to stay enjoy a hot drink and a chat whilst they wait.


Our classes are held on Saturdays with additional classes on Tuesday evenings from September 2016

Classes include:

**NEW** Acro
Tiny Toes Tap and Ballet (age 2 and a half-4)
Jazz/Street Dance

We follow the ISTD syllabus for tap, ballet and modern. Examinations are optional.
All teachers are fully qualified and specialise in the genres they teach.

For advanced/private classes, or for more information, please contact Clare directly.

Classes are held at:

Bispham Methodist Church Hall
Crank Rd,

Children should dress in comfortable clothing preferably tight fitting, eg. Leggings for girls. Uniform can be ordered through us once they have settled in!

25 thoughts on “Children’s Dance Classes

  1. Hiya my little girl was 2 in December and Iam looking at starting her in dancing. We live on the estate opposite the hall in Billinge. I was wondering if you could tell me when the classes are for her age range?

    • Hi Lindsey, sorry for the late reply! We have a combined ballet and tap class for this age on a Saturday morning at 8.55-9.40. If you would like to send me a message via the contact page I can send you more details or feel free to pop over any time and see us 🙂 Thank you, Clare

  2. Hi, can you please provide information on your children’s ballet classes for my five year old daughter? Many Thanks, Alison

    • Hi Alison, if you could fill out the contact form (on the contact page) then I can email you over some info-or if you prefer me to call just send a message with your number. Thankyou! Clare 😊

    • Hello, oh lovely! If you use the contact page to get in touch I can email you with all the information you need! Alternatively you can use the email address provided and contact me directly or by phone! (Both on the contact page) Thank you, Clare

  3. Hi
    I’m looking for a dance class for my 3 year old daughter. Please could you let me know what classes are available at the moment? Thanks, Jo xx

    • Hello, we have a ballet and tap class available on a Saturday morning at 8.55-9.40…. If you would like me to send more information it would be great if you could fill out a contact form on the contact page of the website so I can email you back then 😊 if not then feel free to call for a chat on 07538260191 thankyou, Clare

    • Hello, classes are held at Bispham Methodist church hall on crank road…opposite where Billinge hospital was… Unfortunately afternoon classes are all for older pupils so we only have that class for the little ones x

  4. Hi I’m looking to book dance classes for my 4 yr old daughter. What times are you classes on a Tuesday and Saturday?


    Karen Hunt

  5. Hi
    I left a msg but left my work email by mistake, I’m enquiring about class time at the weekend for my 4 year old, would I be able to bring her along and if so could you please tell me a time.
    Warm regards

    • Hello! We do have a class for your daughter, however we only offer Acro to children who also do Ballet or Modern due to the strength and technique required. If you would like any more information on these classes please call 07538260191 or email Many thanks, Clare

  6. Hello, I live over the road and I was wondering about classes available at the moment. My little boy is nearly four and loves to dance. Are the classes for boys and girls? Also, I am interested in doing a class of some sort myself, what is currently available? Many thanks,


  7. Hi.
    My daughter is 4 and I’m sure she would love to join your dance class on a Saturday. Have you got any room for her and what time does it start?
    Kind regards

  8. Hello,

    My daughter is 4yrs 7mnths
    She loves dancing especially street dance. What day,time and price are your classes? Could she come some time this week to take a look? I also have an 11 year old daughter who may wish to join.

  9. Hello, my little girl is just coming upto 18months and was interested in the dance class. Could you send me over some more information.

    Many thanks

  10. Hi, my daughter turns 4 on 6th March and has been asking can she do ballet and dancing. Could you please send me some information regarding your classes please.

    Thank you

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